Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life Fitness Treadmill T9e Model Review

Life Fitness Treadmill Reviews is dedicated to help you find out the best Treadmills available in the market. The next Treadmill we have reviewed is the T9e Treadmill.

Advanced users of a treadmill or athletics who strive for high performance should aim for the T92 Life Fitness Treadmill. The T92 model offers the very best in terms of power, performance and advanced entertainment options. There is also an integrated LCD screen to make it even more advanced. Here are some additional details for the Life Fitness treadmill T9e.

Motor Size:
4.0 HP AC commercial grade
Maximum Speed: 12mph
Maximum Incline: 15%
Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs
Running Surface Size: 60in x 20in reversible deck
Heart Rate: Yes
Folding: No